Professional Radon Reduction & Measurement Services


We provide professional, high quality Radon Measurement and Mitigation Services, and we do it in a highly customer-focused manner. What you can expect:

The Process

  1. Initial Inspection
  2. Quote and Contract
  3. Pre-testing
  4. Installation
  5. Post Installation

Initial Inspection

First we inspect your home and discuss options and costs for reducing radon levels in your home. Some of the important factors include:

Quote and Contract

We provide a firm, written quote with a guarantee to reduced the levels in your home to 4 pCi/L (the EPA's threshold for mitigation) or below. Often we are able to reduce levels by twice that level.


The vast majority of effective mitigation involves Sub Slab Depressurization venting a pipe underneath your foundation to channel radon gases out the pipe and away from the house interior.

We perform a Pressure Field Extension Test (drilling small holes in the foundation to ensure adequate airflow between the holes) to ensures that the sub slab pressurization system will work.


After pre-testing, installation work begins. Installation normally involves drilling into the foundation or drain tile system, running heavy duty PVC pipe up and out of the home, and attaching an integrated continuous fan to the system. We then seal cracks and other openings to ensure the high efficiency of the system.

During installation we ensure that dust and mess are kept to a minimum. And above all, we take strict precautions to ensure that our installation work does not compromise the structural or aesthetic integrity of your home.

Post Installation

Post installation includes: