Privacy Policy for Advanced Radon Services LLC

Advanced Services LLC is the sole owner of and is responsible for its content and integrity. We follow strict privacy and security guidelines to protect our customers and our website viewers. We do not collect, maintain, share or sell email or any other client or viewer information. We do not make marketing calls unless solicited by our customers or viewers. We maintain internet security standards which ensure that information is not inadvertently shared with others. And we use, maintain and constantly upgrade our internet and email security protection programs to ensure that downloads are secure, virus-free and free from spyware.

Privacy regarding public records: The State of Minnesota requires that radon mitigation contractors report mitigation jobs and the pre- and post- radon levels for each job. The state does not request, nor do we provide or make public to state agencies, realtors or anyone else, the radon mitigation customer's name, address or telephone number.